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Help the children in Liberia


Education of the people of Liberia is a high priority.  GSD is being the catalyst in Bomi County, Liberia 

Partnership between Minnesota Liberians and their Homeland


Our strong connection with the Liberian community in the US and Liberia

Building a school


GSD has built a school building opening this September 2019.  The ongoing project is building a teachers residence..   



The students and teachers are actively learning at the school. Please help in providing the desks.

Contributions needed for the Teacher's Residence

Any amount welcome!

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Updates on Building a School in Liberia


Building a secure place for Education

UPDATE: September 2019  The school is open and Martha is in Liberia continuing to secure funding for the desks and teacher's residence .                       

February 7, 2019  Martha Daiddi is back in Liberia to prepare and supervise the building of the teachers residence.  We are in need of donations to continue this important work.  Please send a check to the address below or pay with credit /debit card through PayPal.  

This last year has been a busy one for Good Samaritan Discipleship. We have completed the building structure. Now the well, electrical, and painting are being completed.
The dedication of the new building is happening now September 2018. 

Students will be attending September 2019.


Ceremony planned for September 2018. Co-Chair David Svendahl and Board Member Dean Eyler traveled to Bomi County, Liberia to be with Founder Martha Daidaii for the celebration.

The Project needs the following items

To continue the work the following items are needed:

Funds for teacher residence construction

Funds for DESKS

Our MIssion

The mission of the Good Samaritan Discipleship is to assist in  building a school and rehabilitation center in Bomi County, Liberia in  order to help improve a community of strong, healthy children and families, and to empower and nurture them, through training and education, including feeding programs, and economic empowerment. fundraising

About Us


How We're Helping

The chief mission of the Good Samaritan Discipleship is to assist in building a school and rehabilitation center in Bomi County, Liberia in order to help improve a community of strong, healthy and productive families, and to empower and nurture them, through training and education, including adult literacy, feeding programs, and economic empowerment.



Minnesota - Liberia Relationship

Minnesota is home to a large number of Liberians who have left their home country during the unsettled time of civil war.  Since the war has ended, the displaced citizens of Liberia here in Minnesota saw the need to help rebuild their country.  Martha Daidii -Founder of Good Samaritan Discipleship made it her mission to build a school in Bomi County where education was lacking for many years.  The children were soldiers in the war and missed years of schooling.  Now it was time to support the community going forward.


Thank You

Thank you to all of the groups, organizations, individuals, and businesses for your gifts of money and advice.  Because of you we have achieved our goal of building the school.

Project Timeline


Launched November 2006

The incorporation of Good Samaritan Discipleship came together and began making organizational connections.

Board was selected and the work started on finding the resources to build a school


Fundraising has approached a point to begin foundation work.  Plans were drawn and a budget initiated.  Work is all done by hand from clearing the land to making the bricks.


We asked for your support both in prayer and financial as we continued moving forward to build this school that is truly needed in this part of the world. The children have missed out on education since the war ended and struggle to this day to get an education.  Martha continues to meet with government officials and agencies attempting to secure additional funding.



Martha Daidii - Founder was in Bomi County, Liberia supervising the project and moving it forward 

Exciting developments - the walls and foundation are almost done and ready for the roof 

Next step is to finish the floor which involves adding a dirt base topped with cement 


This last year has been a busy one for Good Samaritan Discipleship. We have completed the building structure and are ready to install electricity, bathrooms, septic system and benches.

September 2018

The building is completed and ready for students.  The dedication is happening now.  Founder Martha Daidii, Co-Chair David Svendahl, and Board Member Dean Eylers are in Liberia to help celebrate the completion of this project.

Helping other groups

School for the Blind

During the project we have also been giving clothes and personal items to the School of the Blind.

JFK Hospital

We have supported the local groups taking care of the community.  We have donated medical supplies to JFK Hospital.

Provided a store of goods for the community

Martha Daidii -Founder has been suppling a store in the community and offering a variety of products the people need.

Good Samaritan Discipleship Donations

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